Food + Cafes


Knives, forks and fingers at the ready!

Head to The Avenue, the Field of Fun, the Food Garden or the Village Green to find our mouth-watering array of world-class cuisine. There’ll be no rumbling bellies during your time at the Big Church Day Out – lots of food vendors will be ready to serve you up a feast from Friday night through to Sunday. So tuck in!


Cafes + Bars

All this festival fun makes for thirsty guests, so we make sure there’s a relaxing cafe or bar at every turn!


The Food Garden

The Food Garden gathers an eclectic mix of artisan food and drink traders into the gorgeous gardens of Wiston House for a mouth-watering picnic experience that is as beautiful as it is delicious! 


This picturesque country-garden idyll is an oasis of calm from the hustle and bustle of a lively family festival, offering guests the chance to indulge in picnic favourites and take home locally sourced tempting treats.