Family Fun

There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to experience all that’s on offer at the Big Church Day Out! We absolutely love having families at the Big Church Day Out, and want to make sure you and your little ones have the best time. 



From fantastic animals to fairground rides and juggling jesters to brass bands, the Big Church Fete is a great big ball of family fun wrapped up in face paints and hay bales. Wander away from the large crowds and join families from far and wide as you explore all the fantastic entertainment the Fete has to offer.



The Avenue is an iconic area of the Big Church Day Out that takes people's breath away year after year. Every guest treads this enchanting pathway to get to the Main Stage; just follow the billowing flags and festoons, try your hand at rock climbing or bounce on an inflatable, take a ride on the fantastic ferris wheel to get the very best views. It’s a path you’ll want to wander up and down a few times to explore all the amazing activites.



We absolutely love helping families worship together at the Big Church Day Out, and want to make sure you and your little ones have the best time. Join Chip Kendall and his amazing team in the Big Church Kids Tent, exploding with worship, dancing, fun and games.

There'll be two morning celebrations in this fantastic venue, one for ages 4 -7 and another for ages 8 - 11. Then one MASSIVE family celebration for all ages in the afternoon! Check out the timetable when you buy a programme at the event.

We are currently deciding what exciting activities we are going to have for 2018. So check back soon to see what fantastic entertainment will be at the Big Church Day Out 2018!