The Vision



At BCDO we have the amazing opportunity to bring so many of the world's best Christian artists and worship leaders together, it’s a great privilege for our team to be part of something that can do this for so many, but that isn’t at all the reason why we do what we do.

Our heart, and the thing that drives us, is that we believe it’s time for the Church in the UK to come together, to both demonstrate unity as well as to celebrate the diversity of this wonderful living thing called the Church. Our raison d’être for BCDO is John 17:21, that we 'may be one' so that 'the world may see'.

It may surprise some to know that I don’t live for events; events come and go, but the Church remains forever. But events can serve the Church and deliver an experience that tells a bigger story that perhaps is harder at times for our local congregations to tell alone.

When we come together, we both encourage each other and we perhaps find a moment in time when our ‘positions’ on certain things become a little less important for a while as we take time to appreciate that Church is made up of many shapes and sizes and expressions of our faith, with the defining factor remaining that it is a personal relationship with the living Jesus that unites us all.

At this point in history, I feel like I can hear a conversation of unity going on across the Church that seems to be getting louder. I love that because what I live for is that "the world may see’.

So back to BCDO, and whether you like the bands or not, or whether you even know them or not, please don’t ever make that the reason for why you choose to be a part of this gathering each year.

I have no personal interest in creating a product for consumers that is dependent on people's like or dislike of the content BCDO delivers, we are in this for something far greater than satisfying our consumer appetites. Rather, let us be the ones who are consumed by God alone and a passion for Jesus that amongst other things drives us to come together in order that the 'world may see’, so that we can be a part of telling a different story to those outside the church that this living movement is alive and well, and here to make a difference for all those who are and who are not members of it.

Please pray for the BCDO team too as we face all the challenges that each year brings. As many of you know our ticket prices fall way below anything that would need to be charged to cover our costs, and unlike all mainstream festivals we don’t have huge alcohol revenue, we don’t get sponsored by the high street brands, and we even allow everyone to bring their own food on site-all those things combined create an enormous need of funding for our event each year.

Also, a huge thank you to the many incredibly generous people who support this work because they too want to see BCDO shine bright as a beacon for the Church so that the ‘world may see’.

The best way you can help us is to firstly make sure you are there yourselves, and secondly to bring friends and family who are yet to come and experience the incredible time we have each year when we get together.

So whether it’s your favourite bands or not, let’s all make BCDO a priority in 2019 as we gather the largest event of Christian unity that the UK Church will see in 2019.

Thank you for all your support - together we are better, and together we pray that ’the world may see’.


Tim Jupp

The Big Church Day Out

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