In order to get the full BCDO festival experience, we would always encourage as many people as possible to camp in the grounds of the Wiston Estate. Exclusive after hours entertainment, our Sunday morning campers service, fabulous food and breath-taking views are just some of the things that make the Big Church Campsite the perfect place to stay. The Big Church Campsite has its own real sense of community. Campers who normally live in various parts of the country pitch up and are nestled together as neighbours for the weekend. This is a key opportunity to soak in every second of the event so make sure you don’t miss out!

However, we recognise that camping is not for everyone, that's okay! There are lots of other options for you that are off-site but are nearby. 

If you would like to look for an Airbnb, hotel or B&B here are some towns close by:

All of the towns above are within 45 mins from the BCDO site but bear in mind traffic within 2 miles of Wiston can be heavy on the event days.

For more information regarding where to stay please click here!