Info Team


Do you love to answer questions? Are you good at helping people? Can you store lots of information in that clever brain of yours? We need some Info Point angels who can answer lots of questions, help re-unite people with lost property and be a reassuring voice when they don't know where to go or what to do. If you're up for this people-based challenge, then this is the role for you!

Being sociable and switched-on is essential. Guests visiting the Info Point may just want to chat or ask for directions, they may be distressed because of a lost personal item, or want to express their annoyance about a particular issue. Being able to deal calmly with these different situations is a must. You will often be juggling more than one issue at a time and dealing with lots of different emotions.

Local knowledge of the area surrounding the event your applying for would be a help as people may need information on local amenities or transport links.

A solution can be found for any situation, so a problem solving mentality and a caring attitude is essential.


What days do I need to work?

The Info Team runs all day from Friday - Monday. You'll work around 8 - 10 hours each day, covering anywhere between 10am - 10pm. You will only need to choose two days to work out of the four days this role is running.


When do I need to arrive?

You will need to be on-site no later than 8.30pm the night before your shift. You will need to attend a briefing before you start your shift, timings of these will be roughly 9.00am or 8.30pm everyday.