BCYouth General Team



You'll be apart of a variety of roles. We are looking for a team of qualified or well-experienced people who have worked or working with young people. We will use these skills to serve on a mixture of teams. These roles will include: 

BCY Ticketing Team , BCY Hub host, BCY Youth Leaders support. 

We're looking for a team of people who are friendly and organised and don't get flustered under pressure.


What days do I need to work?

These teams run from Friday - Monday. You'll work 20 hours over the weekend. This could be split into two 10hours shifts over two days, or 5-hour shifts over four days and so on. Either way, you will have enough time to enjoy the event and see what BCDO has to offer. 


When do I need to arrive?

We ask that you arrive on Thursday evening, ready to be briefed and trained for your role.