BCYOUTH is the place for your faith

BCY 2020 launches with the most engaging content; inspired talks from world-class speakers, outlandish times of worship and space to grow - as you learn what it means to live out your walk with God. These will be peak moments to look back on, surrounded by your generation, blazing a trail as you do it in your own way.

BCYOUTH is the place for your friends

From foam parties and campfires to silent discos and football cages; at BCY there is adventure wherever you turn. Sleeping in canvas cities; pitching your tents in our brand new BCYOUTH campsite and getting stuck in with spike-ball, fire pits, marshmallows and late-night hangs. It's all here at BCY 202

BCYOUTH is the place for your gen.

Come start something. BCYOUTH 23-25 MAY 2020. Exclusively for school years 7 -11 (ages 11 - 18).


Pitch your tents in our brand new BCYouth campsite - we know that camping together is the best way to deepen friendships and make the most of every second of your time away together, so we've created a brand new and exclusive BCYouth campsite. Think spike-ball, firepits, marshmallows, late night chats - it's all happening here!

To stay in the BCYouth campsite, you must be a youth leader or a young person attending as part of a youth group. 

There must be at least one adult youth leader (over 18 years old) on every youth group booking, with a recommended maximum of six young people (under 18-year-olds) per adult.

Our campsite will be equipped for an unforgettable stay with your friends and youth groups.


Campers can arrive from 12 pm on Friday 22nd May. Day festival-goers attending BCYouth only can enter from 8 am on Saturday 23rd May. 

We understand that bringing a group of young people and setting up for everyone isn't always easy, so why not allow yourself some additional time to get ready before the rest of the excited party arrives! 

We are allowing Youth coordinators camping in the BCY campsite to arrive from 12 pm on Thursday 21st May. You will need to let us know in advance who is coming. You will be contacted nearer the time to give us details. Please note that those under 18 are not allowed on site until Friday. 

We will be hosting a Youth Leaders Briefing on Friday 22nd May. The briefing will last 30 minutes and will be an opportunity to meet other youth groups, hear more about what is happening over the weekend and to pray together for all the young people on site.


We want everyone in the BCYouth campsite to feel at home! The campsite will be sectioned into groups for each youth group and their leader(s). We will allocate space based on the number of tents you are bringing. Our incredible team will have marked out enough space for you and your group before you arrive, so we must be given a regular update of the number of tents and young people coming along. You will be able to bring your own gazebos for hangouts and cooking space. Don't have a gazebo? Don't worry - you can hire from us! Email info@bigchurchdayout.com. To find out more; please click on our BCY faqs.


We believe that all young people have a purpose in life. We believe Jesus is calling our young people to 'Come and start something". (Isaiah 43:18-21 "Forget about what's happened; don't keep going over old history. Be alert, be present. I'm about to do something brand-new It's bursting out! Don't you see it?").

As a team, we are expectant for our young people to meet Jesus. Our gatherings will include; Worship, Good News stories and Apologetics (a time to ask those all-important questions that young people face on a day to day basis). We will have a different speaker each morning and allow for ministry time where our amazing prayer team will be available for those who need support. Most importantly, we want to create a space for young people to encounter Jesus for themselves and to understand who he is. We can't wait!

The BCYouth programme includes:

Our morning programme will be released very soon, so watch this space!


Prices include, the cost of a BCDO ticket + BCYouth Camping ticket plus a £15 BCYouth 'add on'. Please be aware that we do also add on service charge. 

We know how difficult it is sometimes to book tickets for your young people, so we have made things as easy as possible! Watch our instruction video below to help you. Follow our step by step guide, and you will be booked on in no time!

Remember, BCY is an 'add on', so you must book your BCDO ticket first and then add on your BCY tickets.


There are three different ways to book onto BCYouth depending on if you're a youth group, parent/guardian, or staying in or out of the BCDO/BCY campsite. To ensure you book the correct tickets, please read the information below carefully. 

Option 1: You are a Youth Leader Booking onto BCDO + BCYouth for your youth group and camping in the BCYouth campsite.

This is for any youth groups coming along to BCYouth and would like to camp in our exclusive BCYouth campsite. It includes access to the morning and after-hours programme and your own designated area within the BCYouth campsite! Plus enjoy BCDO throughout the day. 

Option 2: You are a Youth Leader or Parent/Guardian booking onto BCDO + BCyouth and camping in the BCDO campsite or staying off-site. 

Option 2 is for parent(s)/guardians or Youth leaders who would like to book their child / young person onto BCYouth programme, but camp in the BCDO campsite or are planning to stay off-site. Please note, the BCYouth campsite is for youth groups only, so parents/guardians must always book the BCDO campsite to stay in, your child/young person can still access the morning and after-hours programme and the BCDO throughout the day.

Option 3: You are a Parent /Guardian or young person booking onto an existing booking that had been created by a youth leader. 

Option 3 is for Parent(s)/Guardians or young people who would like to add themselves to an existing booking that the youth leader has already set up.


As always, the event doesn't happen without a team of incredible volunteers, and we would love for you to join us! Our Team members have a great time volunteering with us. They get to experience both sides of the event; the side that the public sees, with plenty of free time to enjoy the event, as well as the side seen only by us as we work together to create an incredible experience for the thousands of people on site. We are looking for a team of people who have a heart for young people and want to help make BCYouth happen. We have lots of roles from stewarding, campsite host and lots more. To be on team click here


Big Church Day Out is devoted to safeguarding children, young people and adults who attend Big Church Day Out and BCYouth and ensuring their well-being. We recognise that we all have a responsibility to help prevent physical, sexual, psychological, financial and discriminatory abuse, and neglect, and to report any such abuse that we discover or suspect.

Big Church Day out along with BCY is committed to:

We recognise:

We accept that all organisations who work with children, young people and adults at risk should operate and promote good working practice. Our' Duty of Care' is in part exercised through the development of respectful and caring relationships but also by people taking all reasonable steps to ensure the safety and well-being of those they have responsibility for, particularly concerning safeguarding them from all types of abuse. Before individuals start working in positions that have contact with children, young people and adults, they need to understand and acknowledge the responsibilities and trust inherent to their role.

We believe all adults working with children, young people and vulnerable adults are in positions of trust. It is, therefore, vital to ensure they do not misuse their position of power. This is why Big Church Day Out wants to work hard to introduce safe practice.

Before individuals start working in positions that have contact with children, young people and adults, they need to understand and acknowledge the responsibilities and trust inherent to their role. This means there will be a clear procedure around safeguarding as well as ensuring staff are all safely recruited and appropriately vetted in line with our organisation's safer recruitment policy.

BCDO's safeguarding team will be working throughout BCY in terms of their presence and support/intervention. BCY is also in partnership with Thirty One: Eight in ensuring safeguarding arrangements for this event are appropriately planned and in place.

We will be looking at an expectation document for all youth leaders and parents /guardians to read and sign alongside the booking/online application. You will be asked to include the contact details for your church' s/organisation's safeguarding coordinator too.


Please remember that this is a greenfield festival site. We do our best to avoid any hazards or harm to all guests, but we cannot guarantee all levels of safety/responsibility at the Big Church Day Out. There are specific responsibilities you will need to be aware of on-site, detailed below.

Your Responsibility:

  1. To ensure correct ratios of adults and children in your booking.
  2. That you retain the responsibility for your young people throughout the event, including supervision and care. 
  3. That you have a clear action plan concerning the BCDO safeguarding policy and to unforeseen circumstances such as lost children, injuries and food poisoning. 
  4. To communicate to your group about meeting points, meeting times and housekeeping rules for the site. 
  5. To ensure that young people wear correct wristbands at all times and are all accounted for at crucial times on the programme. 
  6. To filter communication with parents/ guardians of your young people.
  7. To comply with our campsite rules. 
  8. That all youth leaders over the age of 18 have a current DBS.

Having run successfully now for 11 years, BCDO is committed to providing an outstanding event based on bringing together the gathered church. As such, our primary responsibilities surrounding content and infrastructure are detailed below.

Our Responsibility: 

  1. To provide a great event.
  2. To provide a safe environment as possible.
  3. To put in place the physical nature of the event, ensuring that the facilities are appropriate and compliant for young people. 
  4. To put teams in place to ensure the smooth and safe running of the event, these include Safeguarding, SIA (security), Media and Pastoral/Prayer Team.
  5. To provide an updated safeguarding policy for BCDO which covers BCYouth. 
  6. To provide a designated Safeguarding team to implement and manage protocols on-site, including lost children, disclosed information and more. 
  7. To ensure that the correct training for BCDO team and volunteers are in place and DBS are carried where appropriate. 

 If you would like to know more information on our safeguarding policy, email us at info@bigchurchdayout.com.