Imagine your new home for the weekend sitting and waiting there for your arrival. With a ready-made Rent-A-Tent, all you have to do is unpack your bits and bobs and you can put your feet up! 

Please note you will need to buy an event ticket per person separately, but you do not need to purchase a camping ticket if you have bought a Rent-A-Tent ticket.



Standard Tent (1-2 Person £190, 3-4 Person £240)

Your Standard Tent Package includes:

- Pre-Erected Tent(s)



All Inclusive Package (1-2 Person £260, 3-4 Person £400)

Your All Inclusive Package includes:

- Pre-Erected Tent(s)

- Airbed(s)

- Sleeping Bag(s)

- Pillow(s) & Case(s)



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