Food and Cafes

Knives, forks and fingers at the ready! There’ll be no rumbling bellies during your time at the Big Church Day Out – lots of food vendors will be ready to serve you up a feast. You’ll wish you had more days to try more delicious grub! No-one gets left out at the Big Church Day Out, we have food vendors that cater for vegetarians, vegans and specific dietary requirements. So pull up a trestle table and tuck into a delicious meal with family and friends to plan your next move or catch up on the day.

All the festival fun makes for thirsty and hungry guests! We are currently working on getting some very yummy and exciting cafés, bars and food vendors. So pop back soon to see what delicious food and drinks will be available to fuel you through the next incredible Big Church Day Out artist!


Matt Lush Catering

Hog roasts and much more from Matt on the campsite and the Mainstage Arena!


Tasty Thai

The freshest and tastiest Thai food.


Veggie Planet

The scrummiest way to five-a-day!


The Seacow

Feeding festival goers the best fish and chips for over 10 years.



Delicious food cooked on live lumpwood charcoal – a unique taste sensation.


Jumping bean burrito

Delicious burritos and topped nachos, custom-made to your taste.


Los Churros Amigos

Unbelievably tasty, fresh Churros and melted Belgian chocolate.


SW Catering

Belgian waffles with delicious toppings and freshly ground coffee.


A&C Catering – Donuts and German Sausages

Serving sizzling sausages and fresh donuts for the 7th year in a row at BCDO.

Five Star Catering – Ice Cream

Dotted all over the BCDO site serving delicious ice cream in a variety of flavours.



Guilt free pizza - you heard right! Winners of the Government’s ‘Healthy Living Award’ for their delicious and nutritious grub!


Caribbean Jerk

Authentic jerkilicious dishes made with the finest local produce and bursting with flavour.


Las Paellares

Tasty paella cooked street-food style!


Ank Marvin

There’s a world of flavours in these delicious wraps by the Tea Tent and game burgers in the Mainstage Arena.


The Mess Hut

Serving up BBQ grill tasty treats and helping rebuild lives - a socially responsible business from The Message Trust.


Fries Guys UK Ltd

Fresh cooked fries, fully loaded with yummy toppings and our own range of bespoke sauces.



A steaming tea or coffee is a camper’s must-have! The T-Box coffee company will be ready and waiting to serve delicious hot drinks  and morning treats on the campsite.