Family Fun

Family Fun

There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to experience all that’s on offer at the Big Church Day Out! Get the best views from the top of the Ferris wheel or hot air balloon, prove your gladiator strength, show your competitive streak with Archery Tag, make hilarious memories or try something completely new that you won’t forget! We absolutely love having families at the Big Church Day Out, and want to make sure you and your little ones have the best time. From fairground rides and juggling jesters to brass bands, the Big Church Day Out is a great big ball of family fun wrapped up in face paints and family fun. Join families from far and wide as you explore all fantastic entertainment the fete has to offer...

Brilliant Bubble Football: In this game, you’ll be playing football whilst being surrounded by a giant bubble – what’s not to love?! Get all of your mates together and be sure to bubble it like Beckham!

Creative Craft Tent: Create a range of beautiful little keepsakes for you and your children to take home and put on proud display.

Flower Hammocks – New for 2017! Once in a while we all need to sit and have a relax, what better place to do that than on a beautiful, silk flower hammock?!

Go Karts: Grab your mates and race each other to your heart's content!

Laser Tag - New for 2017! For the first time ever, we're having Laser Tag at the Big Church Day Out! Release your inner spy during this fun-filled flurry and master the art of Laser Tag. 

MAF Flight Simulator: Ever wondered what it might feel like to try and land a plane? The only way to know is to give it a go! Let the MAF experts show you how with their spectacular simulator.

Outdoor adventures with Rock UK

Learn to climb - Check
Try some bushcraft - Check
Ride a BMX - Check
Take up archery - Check
Have a good time - Check 

Puppet Workshops by One Way UK : One Way UK will once again be teaching us those all important smarts that are needed to be the perfect puppeteer! Check out their extraordinary selection of different characters and learn everything you need to know about entertaining the masses.

Rides & Inflatables: It’ll be impossible to be bored at the Big Church Day Out 2017 with the huge selection of rides and inflatables around site. Brought to you by Pais Movement, we have a football cage, an inflatable gladiator duel and traditional fairground games. Face painting and creative corner are also not to be missed!

Soft Play: The Soft Play Tent is a massive marquee full of fun and games for the smallest members of the Big Church Day Out. The teeniest tots, tallest toddlers and coolest kids aged 0-7 years can all find something to entertain them. Inside you’ll also find a baby change and feeding tent. Lovely jubbly. 

Storytelling by Open the Book

Come and hear classic bible stories delivered in a way you’ve never heard them before. Think props, puppets, costumes and of course a good ol’ bit of audience participation. Your whole family will absolutely love it!




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