You don’t remember the nights you go to bed early –so stay up late for this exclusive campers-only content and squeeze every ounce of fun out of your time at the Big Church Day Out.


There’s something truly magical about worshipping under the stars in the cool night air, warmed by a roaring campfire. We like to keep some things as a surprise…‘Who’s leading worship at the campfire’? In the past we’ve had Switchfoot, Phil Wickham and Rend Collective to name a few, but this anticipated mystery is only revealed in the moment, so grab your torch and a blanket and come find out!

Comedy Tent 

Giggles, chortles and good old belly laughs spill out of this late-night-only comedy venue, mixed with acoustic sets from incredible bands who have got just a few more songs to treat you to before they head off to bed. All this fantastic merriment is brought to you by the best mates and incredible comedians Tim Vine and John Archer!

Kingdom Come

The lights stay on and the music flows late into the night at the Kingdom Come tent, with artists from the Main Stage line up leading worship into the wee hours. Here you’ll find the space and time to sing, pray, dance and relax in God’s presence. There have been incredible time of worship in this venue, and there’s something truly special about ending the day in praise.


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