Not feeling the classic camping vibe? Glamping could be the way forward for you!

All you lovely Glampers will be located in the exclusive Glamping village where you’ll find all those essential home comforts, including luxury toilets and showers. Treat yourself in the deluxe parlour tent and feel as fresh as a daisy the whole weekend. The village also has a kitchen tent making it easy to grab a snack or a cuppa at any time! 


Deluxe Bell Tent (1-2 Person £350, 3-4 Person £450, 5-6 Person £550)

Your Deluxe Bell Tent Package includes:

- A bell tent with sewn in groundsheet

- Mattresses

- LED lights

- Low-level Central Table

- Entrance mat & rugs

- Bunting 


SOLD OUT Luxury Sheba Yurt (1-2 Person £675, 3-4 Person £720)

Your Luxury Sheba Yurt Package includes:

- Foam Mattress

- Throws

- Crapet/Rug

- Low-level Central Table

- Inside Lighting


SOLD OUT Deluxe Sheba Yurt (1-2 Person £720)

Your Deluxe Sheba Yurt Package includes:

- Real 4 Post Double Bed

- Bed Side Tables

- Chest

- Throws, Duvet + Pillows

- Egyptian Cotton Sheets

- Rugs

- Inside Lighting






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